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About Us? - Not really!

We have an “About us” page to assure you of what we can do for you! and add value to your business, its not just about blowing our trumpet.

Hands on practical experience means we understand the realities of the commercial world and gives us a starting point to understanding your business, so we can add value to you and your business.

Following is

To be an effective accountant and advisor it takes more than just books, degrees and years sitting behind a desk, so here's an experience snap-shot:

Diverse commercial experience - over 30 years of commercial experience in businesses ranging in size from SME’s to corporates', including owning and managing several. Juggling the competing demands of cashflow, sales, customers, the tax man, creditors, technology ... and more in the never ending everyday business list is something I can relate to firsthand.
I've been in your gumboots - I understand first hand what its like!

Practical hands on Accountant – hands on experience preparing and reviewing an extensive range of financial reports including tax returns, budgets, cash flows, annual accounts, IRD requests, funding proposals and many more.


We understand practical real value information doesn't always fit stand reports and forms.

Business and Farm Accounting – One size doesn’t fit all and as I’ve worked as an Accountant in industries as diverse as Telecommunications, manufacturing and farming both livestock and horticulture I understand each business has its own specific accounting and financial needs. Not all accounts should be treated exactly the same, yours may be different.
Apples plus oranges less sheep and cattle on hand +- other stuff =  profit. Makes sense to me if that represents your business.

Technology – in the dim distant past I completed a double major degree at Massey University, combining accounting and what was in those days a new field called “data processing” and since then have focussed on using technological solutions to meet business needs, including owning and operating technology based businesses.  
Maintaining a focus on leading edge, useful and effective accounting software meant there was no choice when it came to accounting software as Xero won hands down. because Xero it is simple as well as flexible and powerful, it's likely to be one of the most influential developments in business financial management over the next decade or more. It’s for this reason we’ve chosen to centre our business around Xero and have become an accredited Xero advisor.

Accounting, like technology should be a business tool, not an end in itself.

Training & Support – Having had a business delivering computer training to both newbee’s and experienced users from Bluff to Kaitaia, we understand different people learn different skills at different rates.
It takes more than great tools to do a job well and despite Xero being extremely well designed and “simple” some training can make all the difference so you get the most from it.
We provide initial training to get you up to speed and can provide ongoing training and support when it suits you.


Life Outside of the office:

Life outside of accounting doesn’t always equate to restful leisure for us, as we've owned a small (50 acre) farm in Wainui for the last 20 years and have battled gorse, possums and rabbits most of that time. Its very much a DIY enterprise as there's not much we haven't turned our hand to from gorse clearing to digger driving and everything in between.

Having this amount of space has allowed us to have a dedicated1 office building from which we’ve run high technology businesses such as GPS tracking over the last few years.

A country office adds a distinct rural flavour to phone calls, especially when roosters crow outside the window during business calls. On the plus side its great for managing costs and with high speed broadband and mobile phones we are just as connected as a queen street accountant, if not more so. Plus we can take a stroll through the vineyard to unwind and assure us it will eventually look like the picture below.

One day, if we ever get past the council bureaucrats, the aim is to develop part of our farm into a boutique retirement community.


Note 1. Perhaps saying its a dedicated office is a slight exaggeration when sheep shearing is going on downstairs.


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